G’day, My Name’s Louis & I am an Alcoholic!

My life was pretty shit house for a number of years, the drink really got a hold of me and I could not see a way out!

I consider myself very lucky, I had two caring parents who worked hard to make sure we not only had a cooked meal on the table every night but that we also enjoyed a nice middle-class lifestyle, my school life was fun & easy even though I was never the smartest student, I did try hard and did my best, I had friends throughout primary and secondary school some who stuck with me the whole way, so this led to a popular cruisey lifestyle I set up coming into my later high school years, during these years things started to change, friends were starting to go out on weekends and having a blast with wild storeys and sure enough it wasn’t long before I got invited to a party for the first time also bringing with it my first time drinking boy did I love it! I can still remember it clear as day, I took a nice big swig out of a 2 little coke bottle mixed with Jim Beam and started fall stepping back until luckily there was a bbq that saved my inevitable fall. This was the beginning of my drunk life.

15 years later I wanted to quit drinking & quit drinking bad!

I have a partner, I have 2 kids, a Morgage, a demanding job & I am juggling a high function drinking problem! Something was always going to give.

Like I said at the beginning, I considering myself lucky, I didn’t lose the partner, the 2 kids, the mortgage or even the demanding job, My want to stop drinking, my want to become sober is what gave, I knew that I had to stop, I knew that if I did not stop I will lose everything. Boy did I want to quit.

I was in a bad place, but I got out, life is worth living not hiding from!

Success Built on Failure!
The Alcoholic Entrepreneur


Drinking free’s up a lot of your time and a lot of your money, two very important things in life, I’m sure you all agree!

Learn what I plan to do with this new found time & money…

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