Now I have been thinking a lot lately and something that is very clear to me about sobriety is that you have to take action, you are completely changing everything about you, the life you were living must change.

I am sure most of you are the same, but I always wanted more out of life, in some way I think it is human nature to always want more, to improve, I mean hell it is a requirement in life in some ways. If you stop improving you start going back Alcohol, Drugs, Hangovers, Downers, These things are not improvements no matter which way it is spun. So upon finally realising that I did, in fact, have a drinking problem it became clear that my drinking was and had been hindering my ability to achieve anywhere near what it was I wanted from my life!

So this thought alone began somewhat of a mind shift, to succeed is to grow and growing requires action!

Action Action Action!

So here are the 5 things I am working on during March to not only improve my sobriety, my financial & my life in general.

1) I have hired a developer from to help fix up some issues with the app (The Alcoholic Entrepreneur) Which is currently only on Android which takes me straight into #2
2) I am also looking for a developer to help build and publish a windows 10 app, this is to coincide with the android app and website to help provide a convenient login for the user to deal with and stay on track with sobriety & action!
3) Asking for Help! So this is a big one for me, I am bad at asking for help I am a go at it alone kind of guy, but I also know to succeed in this world you need help! So if anyone can help out above or with anything give me a buzz! haha
4) I am working on getting home earlier from my day job, this is not meaning I am working less, just smarter which takes me to #5
5) Working smarter! this is a long term living goal, but working smarter has been and will always be something I strive to do.

Action is the game changer, it doesn’t matter what you want in life, it requires action to achieve it, the longer my sobriety continues the more I realise action is a required and recurring part of life, if you stop taking action to grow both personally and financially, it become’s very easy to start thinking and heading down the wrong path.

Take Action, ask for Help & Work Smarter!

Quick note – Hey guys, if find any spelling errors or grammar issues please let me know, my blog goes out Unedited at the moment, and i am far from the greatest writer, so it is another part of my life i am aiming for growth. but in the mean time cheers for the patients.

Success Built on failure,
The Alcoholic Entrepreneur

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