Alcoholic Action!

Alcoholic Action!

Now I have been thinking a lot lately and something that is very clear to me about sobriety is that you have to take action, you are completely changing everything about you, the life you were living must change.

I am sure most of you are the same, but I always wanted more out of life, in some way I think it is human nature to always want more, to improve, I mean hell it is a requirement in life in some ways. If you stop improving you start going back Alcohol, Drugs, Hangovers, Downers, These things are not improvements no matter which way it is spun. So upon finally realising that I did, in fact, have a drinking problem it became clear that my drinking was and had been hindering my ability to achieve anywhere near what it was I wanted from my life!

So this thought alone began somewhat of a mind shift, to succeed is to grow and growing requires action!

Action Action Action!

So here are the 5 things I am working on during March to not only improve my sobriety, my financial & my life in general.

1) I have hired a developer from upwork.com to help fix up some issues with the app (The Alcoholic Entrepreneur) Which is currently only on Android which takes me straight into #2
2) I am also looking for a developer to help build and publish a windows 10 app, this is to coincide with the android app and website to help provide a convenient login for the user to deal with and stay on track with sobriety & action!
3) Asking for Help! So this is a big one for me, I am bad at asking for help I am a go at it alone kind of guy, but I also know to succeed in this world you need help! So if anyone can help out above or with anything give me a buzz! haha
4) I am working on getting home earlier from my day job, this is not meaning I am working less, just smarter which takes me to #5
5) Working smarter! this is a long term living goal, but working smarter has been and will always be something I strive to do.

Action is the game changer, it doesn’t matter what you want in life, it requires action to achieve it, the longer my sobriety continues the more I realise action is a required and recurring part of life, if you stop taking action to grow both personally and financially, it become’s very easy to start thinking and heading down the wrong path.

Take Action, ask for Help & Work Smarter!

Quick note – Hey guys, if find any spelling errors or grammar issues please let me know, my blog goes out Unedited at the moment, and i am far from the greatest writer, so it is another part of my life i am aiming for growth. but in the mean time cheers for the patients.

Success Built on failure,
The Alcoholic Entrepreneur

Over Sea’s & Mental Holiday

Over Sea’s & Mental Holiday

So we just returned from a 7 week over sea’s holiday, which was fantastic, it was tough and had its challenges, them mainly being caused by our 2 little rugs rats, but overall it was bloody great! We were lucky enough to spend 3 weeks in the UK and 3 weeks in the US, Boston & New York. It was time I took to get away from everything, a bit of a refresh, that’s at least how I saw it prior to going on it & to be completely honest this trip was as much about having a good time and exploring the world as it was thinking long and hard about my life, where I am, where am i going? what do I want? what do I not want? Which I think is just as an important question as what doi want? Here’s a small list of some of the things I came up with.

Do want:

Don’t Want:
Alcohol Or should I say, the baggage that comes with it

Reading it back now they all seem like pretty common sense type things, but for me, they are small goals to focus on. Something to aim towards, I feel as if not wanting alcohol is my most important in my don’t want list because if I add alcohol back into my life none of my wants would matter, and all my don’t wants would just start trickling back in!

I recently got up 2 years since my last drink, something that not only me, but my partner forgot and missed, we were happy spending our day exploring New Jersey and Wallmart for the first time ever! Not remembering the date did not mean anything to me. As proud as I am that another milestone has been reached, I am also happy my so called recovery is so far from my mind I forget the milestones. I made a choice to make a lifestyle change and eliminating alcohol from that my old life allowed my lifestyle to change in a positive way, I am not looking back. Nor should you.

Speaking of life style changes, I also decided not long after quitting alcohol that I wanted more out of life, I wanted to start investing my money, and working towards something more, something that will make me happy, and give me time, something that I love! & hopefully with all that will come success and respect.

My life choice to quick alcohol was just the beginning and the kick in the but I needed to aim and create the life I actually want to live.
Change is hard, any change is hard, but change is good and change is worth it, dream big, live awake and aware and live happily! then the sky is the limit.

On another note, I am trying some things out and would love any feedback, I have searched for products that will help people with their recovery and have come across a product that I have stocked up on, a couple of friends of mine are trying and have all reported back positive feedback, I am just struggling with figuring out how to get it out there so I would like to try and embed it into this email, Can you please confirm if you can see the buy now button at the bottom of this email and if it works sending you through to my Shopify store, This entrepreneur stuff just like living without alcohol is all a learning curve!

What is it you want & don’t want?

Success Built on failure,
The Alcoholic Entrepreneur

Staying Sober & Dealing with loss

Staying Sober & Dealing with loss

I am currently going through one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with, I am watching as my mum is slowly deteriorating in front of us. She has had a stage 4 brain tumour for the past two years, and during this time we have watched as bit by bit, day by day, she is taken from us. She is currently in a hospital and is virtually incapable of doing anything for her self and seems to be catching every little thing that is going around, things are not looking good and time to her inevitable last days are nearing closer with each day.

I have had a very close relationship with my mum threw out my life, there have definitely been stages where we have drifted but we always talked and were pretty much always on good terms, so this or not an easy time for me and being sober for just over a year it puts me in a very vulnerable situation.

Up to this stage the desire to drink to help cope with what is going on has not been an issue, and i hope this will continue over the next few Weeks/Months as things are not going to be getting any easier anytime soon. But it is also something i am extremely aware of and something i am going to make sure i keep on top of.

So some strategy that i am going to be putting in play to give myself the best possible chance of getting through one of life’s toughest and hardest chapters are as follows:

  • Stay close to family and friends who are also going through this with me
  • Talk about it  as much as possible with people who are there for me
  • Remind myself continually about how proud my mum was of me for stopping drinking in the first place.
  • Stay clear of situations that will put me in positions where picking up a drink may be easy.
  • Use this time time to remind myself how short life is and if it is wasted on drinking my life will never been as for filled as it could be.
  • Spend as much time as possible with my mum and be there for her during this time no matter how much it hurts.

Nothing is going to make this time any easier if you are going through something similar just remember it is part of life we all experience at some stage or another, what really counts is how we deal with it and how we grow from the experience.


Sobriety is my Greatest Asset

The Alcoholic Entrepreneur


How to organize Alcoholic Events

How to organize Alcoholic Events

How to organize Alcoholic Events – In Sobriety!

I decided to stop drinking alcohol and that was my choice, but nothing else changed, life continued exactly as it was when I was drinking, so I had to change, I had to accept alcohol in society, this, my friends, is not one of the easier parts of becoming sober, accepting that others can drink and you cannot is a tough thing to stomach at times, but it is worth the battles you go through.

My brother is getting married and he gave me the honour of being his best man, with being the best man came a few responsibilities and one of those responsibilities just happened to be the bucks (stag) night!

Now as I said, nothing and no one else changed when you make a decision to change yourself, so my brother and most of his friends, are very similar to the way I was prior to me stopping drinking, their idea of a good night is to get them self’s as drunk as possible, so anything other than copious amounts of alcohol some girls and food would not be classed as a successful night and I would look like a bad best man! haha

So how did I do it? Well I looked it like I would a work event, I took away the idea it was for me in any way shape or form, I looked it at it as if the guest’s were clients and my job was to give them a good night and help them celebrate with my brother, I was just doing a job, that didn’t mean I didn’t have fun, because I had a heap of fun, but during the night I was too busy organizing what time we were going to start carving up the meat, meeting the girls as they came and showing them where they could get ready, helping out the early severally drunk guys, to water and seat’s believe me there were a few, and getting in as many quick chats as I could between the running around, this kept me so busy that even thinking about alcohol was not an option!

If you are planning to quit drinking or just want to take a break and have an event to organise or help out with here are 5 tips to help stay sober during it.

  1. Drive, make sure you plan to drive to the event long before, invite others to get a lift with you.
  2. Just in case, take your own drinks. most responsible host’s will have non-alcoholic drinks but you don’t want to get caught out.
  3. Drink in hand, This is a personal thing and may not work for you, but just having a drink in my hand helps me feel more at ease during social events.
  4. Have your story ready, you will get asked over and over again why it is you are not drinking, know exactly it is you are going to say before you get asked.
  5. Keep busy, make sure you are included in as many conversations as possible, if people start getting drunk, then either leave or start helping the host’s clean up, keeping busy will keep your mind from wanting to drink.

I would highly recommend anyone who is even slightly entertaining the idea of quitting drinking or at least cutting down, at the next social event you get invited to ask if you can help out and stay sober for night making yourself useful but also enjoying the night, i assure you, you will have a more interesting and meaningful conversations you will learn a lot! drunk people spill their guts and it really gives you a chance to learn valuable information from people and you will have fun! give it a try and let me know how you go!

Sobriety is my Greatest Asset

The Alcoholic Entrepreneur





10 Things I learned being sober for 1 year

10 Things I learned being sober for 1 year

The past 12 months have been a crazy roller coaster ride but a crazy ride I have enjoyed every step of the way and one I highly recommend everyone give a try at some point in their life!

There have been many downs many many ups, more ups than downs but there have definitely been a few downs.

I started this blog about 3 weeks before I took my last drink, I turned the blog into a website and gave it brand, I started social media pages and have kept on updating them, I have started a newsletter and have an opt in so people can get updates and tips on how they themselves can get sober how they can stay sober and how they can use their sobriety to achieve the things they dream about and really want out of life. These things are all things I have achieved since I stopped drinking and that is not including what I have achieved in my full-time managerial job, my full-time job as a father to, two amazing kids, my relationship with my beautiful partner and the responsibility of improving and keeping up the maintenance on our modest little family home. I tell you this not to brag, I tell you because just a little over a year ago, I was struggling to hold my family together, I was struggling to keep motivated and to even want to go to work, my life was a mess and I was very close to losing it all! I tell you this because in the past year my life has done a 360 and it feels amazing to have achieved something that felt so so so far out of reach just over a year ago!

Previously to this year, I had never been sober for more than a week or two as an adult, and that hadn’t really dawned on me until I stopped drinking, even when I got sick and was taking antibiotics I would still only stop drinking for 3-4 days max, I once tried to go a week with out drinking and failed miserably.

So to spend my first entire year as an adult completely alcohol-free was an eye opener, here at 10 of the main things i have learn since being sober!

  1. Life is fun without alcohol – How would I ever have fun without a beer! I really thought I was going to be living a dull boring life once I stopped drinking, I sure was wrong about that!
  2. My priorities changed for the better – Drinking was my number one priority, everything else came a distant second.
  3. More energy – I have found since stopping drinking my energy levels are much more higher and constant, I used to crash regularly and find it extremely hard to get out of bed.
  4. Relationships – Relationships with my family, friends & colleagues have all improved, I have more time for people and enjoy talking and listening to them more.
  5. Taking Action – One of the biggest things that being sober has taught me is that you need to take action! You can’t just sit around waiting and hoping for the right time to do something! now is the perfect time make it happen!
  6. Different perspective – I look at things differently now, I give things more of a chance, in the past I would have just turned my nose at it and rather just stayed at home drinking, now I will give it a go and have found things to be enjoyable
  7. More Confident – I feel more confident in myself, I am more outgoing while not drinking, I used to feel that I needed alcohol to really be who I wanted to be, since being sober I feel much more comfortable in my own skin.
  8. People don’t care – No body really cares that I don’t drink, before quitting I used to think everyone would look at you differently, as if you were not one of them. No one barely noticed after about 3 months.
  9. Sugar – Oh the sugar! it is like an addiction my craving for sweet and sugary things has been higher this year then any other!
  10. Sex – Ahh sex, well for starters I get a lot more now that I am not a drunken asshole majority of the time, and it feels better too, I am never drunk or hung over when I do get the chance so it is so much more enjoyable!

I have said it before in other post’s and I use it as my sign off on occasion but Sobriety really is my greatest asset! I feel as if I have grown more as an adult in the past year than I did the previous firmly believe alcohol held me back, it tricked me, I came to believe that alcohol made me a better more interesting, person! but being sober for an entire year has taught me that life without alcohol, is just plain better.


Sobriety is my Greatest Asset!

The Alcoholic Entrepreneur






How a Startup is helping me stay Sober

How a Startup is helping me stay Sober

How a Startup is helping me stay Sober.

Realising I had a problem with alcohol was a massive wake up call that many of us get at some stage of life. Luckily for me, I got that wake-up call at a young age and before I lost anything other than a lot of dignity and respect from the people I love.

I had fun drinking. I had fun for about 10 years but then it got to a stage when drinking wasn’t a lot of fun. I was no longer drinking to have fun, I was drinking for the sake of drinking and drinking to get drunk. It took me a while to realise I may have a problem and once I did I was in denial for years after!

Luckily the day did come and I realised something in my life needed to change! When I did finally arrive at this stage in my life, my biggest question and my biggest worry was what am I going to do with my life? how am I going to have fun? I could just not imagine my life without Alcohol, I had built my adult life around Alcohol and for 15 years it was my good time go too, my bad day go too, my great day go too, my catch up with a mate go too, you get the picture! Almost everything I did involved Alcohol! How am I going to live without it? What am I going to do?!?!

I have always been rather entrepreneurial. As a kid, on my weekends and during school holidays, I would go out washing cars and weeding gardens to make money. I even made my own business cards and reinvested the money I made into more equipment & employing my mates to help me while I went out looking for more business! I loved it! It was some of the best memories i have as a kid, but I lost that drive, passion and want to make money as I got older and got into drinking, girls and partying. Money and work became a necessary evil to do more of what I loved doing! Drinking, Girls, and Partying! I didn’t realise it at the time, but I was setting my life on a track that I would one day come to regret.

I had plenty of idea’s during my 15 years of drinking. The problem was that they were secondary to the drinking. I didn’t have the drive, the passion or even the want to turn those idea’s into something great. There was always a drink or a hangover in the way and that always took priority.

But I am happy to say that has all changed. In just over one week I will have been sober for an entire year and I am not looking back. Just before I took my last drink I started a blog. At the time I thought that keeping a journal, having something to help hold me accountable and help clear my mind, would help! Little did I know how much this would actually help. The writing was great, but the idea behind the blog started to take on a life of it’s own. It wasn’t just about the writing, I wanted to tell my story. I wanted to help other people experience what it was that I was experiencing. For the first time in a long time, I was excited about what I was doing and the direction I was taking my life.


And then I wanted more than just a blog… I wanted a website! The Alcoholic Entrepreneur was born! I had time & money that I hadn’t had in a long time. I always knew Alcohol was expensive, but I didn’t know exactly how much I was spending on it, mainly because I didn’t want to know *denial*. Since being sober, I’ve worked out, on average, I would of spent around $150 a week on alcohol. That’s without taking into consideration nights out… just an average drinking-at-home week alone amounts to $7,800 per year. Add in all the events & nights out at restaurants, pubs, sporting events etc, I would of easily spent 10 grand or more a year on alcohol in years gone by!


Something that doesn’t get talked about a lot because I guess it’s classed as “Fun”, is the amount of time that actually gets put into drinking. I used to sit at the pub and talk about things that had absolutely no benefit to myself, to the people I was with, or to the world as a whole, for hours and hours! I would sit on my own outside on a night, drinking and planning things, but that’s all I would ever do, plan plan plan plan plan plan. I was a great planner in my head and I had so many ideas but I never did anything them because i had no time! 

The hangovers! I’d spend an entire day hungover and it being almost impossible for me to be able to do anything mentally or physically (Fun Times). This was all time I didn’t even release i had. This was new-found unexpected time!

Life Style!!!!

Now I didn’t want all this additional money & time to just get completely lost in our lifestyle. It needed to be invested. Invested into helping grow me as a person and help me focus on things in life that I want! So now all of a sudden I have Want, Time & Money!

Since creating the website I have set up multiple social media accounts, which I control using HootSuite. I am currently in the process of getting an app built which I will doing a post on shortly as I would LOVE! some feedback on it. I have set up an email mailing list which has seen a small but growing list of users, who obviously found some of what i have been talking about interesting and helpful, which just gives me so much passion and drive you would not believe! This has all come about because I got sober and the ironic thing is that it is helping me stay sober, as I now have something bigger than myself to help hold myself accountable and every person that joins up to my mailing list, comments on a blog post or follows me on social media is just another person that I will keep strong and prove and docuement and teach there is a way out and there is a better life to be had then a life of drinking.



Sobriety is my Greatest Asset!

The Alcoholic Entrepreneur


Sobriety & Loss

Sobriety & Loss

Brocoli Thief 3Life goes on long after you stop drinking (in most fortunate cases at least) and life can be tough. Heartbreak and loss keep happening and not having alcohol to turn to during these times can be daunting.

I am writing about this now because my furry 4 legged mate Stella (Rottweiller), a loyal loving companion, who for the past 12 years has been with me through all the ups and downs life has thrown at me, is sadly at the last stages of her life.

I am in the heart breaking position of knowing what needs to happen in the next week but am still struggling to come to terms with it, and am hoping with my heart things will change for the better but knowing with my head there is no chance.

I have found myself wondering what being in this situation would be like if I was still drinking. Not because I feel like a drink but because I am wondering if it would be easier or harder. What I came up with just reinforced why it is I stopped drinking in the first place and why I plan on remaining sober for the rest of my life! Here are 3 main reasons I am glad I am sober right now.

1: There is a chance I would of used Alcohol as the easy way out of this situation. I may had decided that getting drunk and taking my dog to the vets to be put down would be the easiest way to deal with it. This would have robbed me of my last memory of my mate, which I would have regretted at some stage. It would also have robbed me of a massive learning curve and life experience. As sad and as hard as loss is, loss happens and learning how to deal with it without turning to Alcohol is a major step and major achievement for anyone who has ever had a drinking problem.

2: I would have been more emotional and irrational, getting drunk and dramatising the event by over thinking it, Instead of being understanding & caring about the situation, I would have been angry, confused and in denial.

3: Less time. I would have been spending more time drinking and being hungover then spending time with her, even if I was spending time with her, I would have been either drunk or hung over making majority of the memories null and void.IMG_0178

All negative, the only slight bit of positive I could find was it would make it easier for me to deal with. If I could drink and drown out some of the pain and realism it would help me feel better and get through it, but all that tells me is I was a weaker person when i was drinking, not willing to deal with my problems head on.

Everything in life is a learning curve. Everything in life is worth experiencing, even when it hurts. This is what makes us human, this is what proves we are living! I have learned a lot from my furry friend over the past 12 years and it looks like she’ll be leaving me with one last very vital life lesson!

Thanks for everything big girl, I’ll always love you!

Sobriety is my Greatest Asset!

The Alcoholic Entrepreneur




Being Sober in 2016 and Beyond

Being Sober in 2016 and Beyond


Being Sober in 2016 and Beyond and Here we are 1 week into the new year, 2016 for many is going to be the year that changes things! Many new year resolutions would have been made and I am sure many have already been broken.

But that is Irrelevant now, it’s history if you made a pledge to yourself to stop drinking and you have already picked up a drink, so what? You gave it a go and you should be proud of even that. But you should also learn from it, figure out what you didn’t do to prepare yourself for sobriety, what was the main reason for picking up that drink? Getting sober after a long life of drinking is all about planning, let me say that again, planning, planning, planning! Your life is going to change, and if you don’t plan for these changes guess what, your going to go straight back to your old habits, I cannot stress enough how important planning your life after you stop drinking is.

Getting sober after a long life of drinking is all about planning, let me say that again, planning, planning, planning! Your life is going to change, and if you don’t plan for these changes guess what, your going to go straight back to your old habits, I cannot stress enough how important planning your life after you stop drinking is.

So now that we have that out the way how does planning lead to becoming sober? Well if like many people you set yourself a New Years Resolution to quit drinking or to even just cut down drinking and you find yourself reading this, I’d imagine you didn’t do a lot of planning and you are looking for tips to help you stay the course!


Well here’s 3 tips to help you plan your way to Sobriety in 2016 and beyond!

  1. You need to imagine your life without Alcohol, not just a few weeks in advance months and years in advance, you need to ready your mind for what your life will be like without alcohol, this is not easy, it is one of the hardest things I found about my sobriety, I’d often ask myself “How am I going to have fun without alcohol?” “What will I do on the weekends?” But you get over it and you start to think about things you could do instead, you imagine yourself having more time and playing more video games, you imagine yourself exercising more, you imagine yourself spending more time with your friends and your family, you just start getting your head ready for what you are going to fill the void with that is left by Alcohol.
  2. Friends and Family, this is a tough one and no one likes assessing their friends and family, but this is absolutely crucial to helping you stay the course, you need to sit down and write 3 lists, list 1 will consist of all your friends that are based and revolved around alcohol, list 2 will be the friends that enjoy a drink or two but you can have fun with them without alcohol, List 3 will be all the friends and family you spend time with and enjoy the company without alcohol.  Once these lists have been created you need to do some deep soul searching and look at seriously limiting your time with the people in List 1. The people in List 2 & 3 take us on top tip 3.
  3. Talking to your Family & Friends, the people in List 2 & 3 are people who know the real you, the sober you and they will help you achieve your goal of drinking less or sobriety, but you need to explain to them what it is you want and why you are trying to achieve it. Having a support network will help you stay busy and help remind you why it is you are doing what you are doing.


The point of this post is to make it clear to people that getting sober is not like a light switch, you do not simply decide one day you want to stop drinking and bang that’s it you stop, i am sure there are a lucky few out there that this does work for, but the vast majority of people need to prepare their mind, for a lifestyle change that will take some serious getting used to!

Just remember that anything is possible, if you want to quit drinking it is just a hurdle in life that needs to be navigated with some careful thinking planning and action!


Sobriety is my Greatest Asset!

The Alcoholic Entrepreneur



Alcoholic New Years Resolution

Alcoholic New Years Resolution

The end of another year approaches the old New Year Resolutions begins to enter our mind set! There will be many different resolutions, but one I have no doubt will be popular as I am sure it is every year, will be the cut-down, or stop all drinking Alcohol altogether.

So have you started to think 2015 might be your last year of drinking? Well congratulations, this is the first step towards sobriety, like everything it starts with an idea, and you my friend have that, you have also done some sort of search to end up reading this blog! so again congratulations, it is not easy to admit to yourself that you may have a problem but wanting the change & readying your mind and are the two first most important steps anyone can take, and you have taken them so please make sure you take the time to appreciate this achievement.

However, setting an exact date to stop drinking is unfortunately setting yourself up for failure, in theory the idea is great, from this day forth I will not have a drink, but like most new years resolutions the goals are too high and quickly become unrealistic and too hard eventually killing off all the motivation you started with back in late December.

I wanted to stop drinking for a good year before that faithful last drink, and I cannot to this day tell you what it was that triggered that switch in my head which finally gave me the power to actually not want another drink, but one thing I can tell you is, I tried to set many Saturday’s and Sunday’s as my last drinking point, but they all failed, it wasn’t until I was completely ready that the time was right.

I am not saying do not use a new year resolution as motivation or to help reach your goal, just don’t make it the day of reckoning, do not say to yourself from the 1st of January I will not drink anymore, you are putting a huge amount of pressure on yourself and setting yourself up for failure.

A more wise timely approach would be to set 3 or 4 smaller goals, goals that you want to achieve in a certain time frame, Goals that will help reach your end goal of quitting drinking. Remember it is a new years resolution, you have all year to accomplish it so give yourself a chance.
Here are 4 idea’s of smaller goals to help you reach that goal by the end of the new year.

1) 2016 (Or whichever year it may be) Will be the last year I ever drink alcohol. – This allows you a year to reach that point, this allows your mind to find the right time, it also puts a small amount of pressure on it to find it within that year.

2) I will distance myself from friends who are a bad influence on me and my drinking problem. – This takes time and when it comes time to quit drinking ditching those friends who are only friends due to Alcohol becomes a necessity so do it before and make your life easier.

3) I will start a journal, documenting how much I drink, how often & how much I spend, I will then reflect on this each week. – Tracking exactly how much you are drinking will help you realize how damaging alcohol is becoming to your health, your mind & your wallet!

4) I will not drink any Alcohol on a Sunday – This could be any day of the week, but pick a day where you do not touch Alcohol.

The point of this blog is not to bag out new years resolutions, or to discourage anyone, it is simply to identify that there is more to quitting Alcohol, then just deciding to quit, your entire life will change, and if you are not ready for that change neither is your will power and you will inevitably fail.

Set small goals for yourself, each year, each month, each week, each day, each hour. they will lead you to sobriety, it is not a race it is a marathon, remember, your alcoholism did not start the first time you got drunk!

Good luck, and please if there is anything I can ever help you with drop me an email or hit me up on social media, I am always willing to help.



Success built from failure,

The Alcoholic Entrepreneur

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