So we just returned from a 7 week over sea’s holiday, which was fantastic, it was tough and had its challenges, them mainly being caused by our 2 little rugs rats, but overall it was bloody great! We were lucky enough to spend 3 weeks in the UK and 3 weeks in the US, Boston & New York. It was time I took to get away from everything, a bit of a refresh, that’s at least how I saw it prior to going on it & to be completely honest this trip was as much about having a good time and exploring the world as it was thinking long and hard about my life, where I am, where am i going? what do I want? what do I not want? Which I think is just as an important question as what doi want? Here’s a small list of some of the things I came up with.

Do want:

Don’t Want:
Alcohol Or should I say, the baggage that comes with it

Reading it back now they all seem like pretty common sense type things, but for me, they are small goals to focus on. Something to aim towards, I feel as if not wanting alcohol is my most important in my don’t want list because if I add alcohol back into my life none of my wants would matter, and all my don’t wants would just start trickling back in!

I recently got up 2 years since my last drink, something that not only me, but my partner forgot and missed, we were happy spending our day exploring New Jersey and Wallmart for the first time ever! Not remembering the date did not mean anything to me. As proud as I am that another milestone has been reached, I am also happy my so called recovery is so far from my mind I forget the milestones. I made a choice to make a lifestyle change and eliminating alcohol from that my old life allowed my lifestyle to change in a positive way, I am not looking back. Nor should you.

Speaking of life style changes, I also decided not long after quitting alcohol that I wanted more out of life, I wanted to start investing my money, and working towards something more, something that will make me happy, and give me time, something that I love! & hopefully with all that will come success and respect.

My life choice to quick alcohol was just the beginning and the kick in the but I needed to aim and create the life I actually want to live.
Change is hard, any change is hard, but change is good and change is worth it, dream big, live awake and aware and live happily! then the sky is the limit.

On another note, I am trying some things out and would love any feedback, I have searched for products that will help people with their recovery and have come across a product that I have stocked up on, a couple of friends of mine are trying and have all reported back positive feedback, I am just struggling with figuring out how to get it out there so I would like to try and embed it into this email, Can you please confirm if you can see the buy now button at the bottom of this email and if it works sending you through to my Shopify store, This entrepreneur stuff just like living without alcohol is all a learning curve!

What is it you want & don’t want?

Success Built on failure,
The Alcoholic Entrepreneur

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